What to wear to a casual evening out

Nothing’s simpler than putting together a look for a casual evening out with your partner or group of friends. Or is it?

Casual evenings are fun and sometimes eventful, giving you plenty of opportunities for relaxed conversations with friends and loved ones. You are also under less pressure to dress in your best when it’s just friends and family for company.

But there is still no reason to be a slouch in the clothes department – casual doesn’t mean frumpy. However, relaxed fits are best. If you’re putting together a casual ensemble by shopping for it, our top picks are online jumpsuits, jeans, A-line frocks, shorts, cotton tees and half-sleeved cottons shirts.

Your casual evening could comprise –

* The street side eating time with friends. When you’re out exploring street side eating joints, it’s time to bring out your old tees and shorts. After all, you might end up spilling some of your golgappa on your shirt, or need a pair of pants with an elastic waistband by the end of the evening. It is easiest to dress for this outing – you’re not expected to put your fashionable foot forward, and all your friends will be dressed super casually, too.

* Grocery shopping with your significant other. The weekly grocery shopping jaunt is an important activity you participate in with your partner. It’s boring, but it has to be done. Slip on a pair of jeans or a pair of cargo pants and a cool cotton tee. There is always some walking and a fair bit of browsing involved, so you need comfortable walking shoes, too. Make sure the pants have enough pockets to keep your wallet, car keys and other essentials, since your hands will be occupied with shopping baskets and trolleys. Spritz on some perfume and you are good to go. Dress in a way that you can easily walk into a café after the grocery run, to catch up on conversation with your partner after a week of office work.

* The I-didn’t-try-too-hard date. It sure is fun to go on dates, but it comes with the added pressure of dressing well. When the relationship is really new, you don’t want your date to think that you spent hours dressing up – it looks overeager and it could put them off! At the same time, you can’t go the other extreme and show up looking like something that washed ashore after a storm. The trick is to dress simply but well, in a way that will create a good impression. Shop for online jumpsuits, or a crisp new pair of cotton pants, and a new shirt in cool cotton or linen. There are fresh variants in online jumpsuits across leading fashion sites – they are a good option for the hot weather.

* The movie date with friends. Going out for a movie with friends is a fun activity that you always look forward to. You and the gang enjoy the movie, gorge on popcorn and pizza slices, then head out for drinks and dinner. Plus, the vibe is completely relaxed and there is no pressure to wear new clothing. But if you’re on a dinner date with somebody you just met, you might have to up your fashion game a bit. Since it’s still a casual outing, you can buy an online jumpsuit, or a new pair of fitted jeans, sneakers and a comfortable cotton tee.