Top 10 Ways Which Will Help You Ace the SAT 2018

The standardized examination of SAT, that guarantees admission in the colleges of United States, is attempted by more than 1.5 million people from all over the world. The unimaginable number henceforth calls for umpteenth competition, excelling which would require strategically planned study and thorough practice. Though the rules remain the same, patterns and questions stand subject to change every year. Hence, let us now unfold the treasure trove of tips and tricks only for you to ace the SAT 2018.

General Tips to Follow Before the Test

  • ‌Schedule A Daily Routine

Preparing for SAT should be a daily routine to abide by. Set a daily target and pull every limit to fulfill it on a regular basis. Well-planned preparation is the only key to be the highest scorer in SAT.

  • ‌Take Help And Daily Test

There is no bad is asking for help. Do not hesitate to reach out to the teachers or students who have already cracked it. Clear all the doubts that might trouble on the day of examination. Besides, taking regular tests is a MUST. Try not to escape the tests and mandatorily learn from the mistakes made in each paper. Every test, if taken religiously, undoubtedly helps to increase a percent every day.

  • ‌Rely On The Test Strategies

Students are always advised to take a number of practice tests as it helps them build test strategies for the final day. This eventually helps in filling the loopholes and reduces the chances of getting on the day of examination.

  • ‌Relax And Get Ample Sleep The Night Before

Being the best scorer in the SAT reasoning test is not a matter of one night. Through hard work and a dedicated approach for the last few week success can be easily achieved. Last minute preparation only gives additional stress thereby resulting in panic attacks and blackout. Relax. Do get sufficient sleep as it refreshes the mind before the exam.

Tips for SAT 2018

  • ‌Eliminate The Wrong

Careful analysis of the questions being asked is the primary requisite of SAT. Learn to eliminate the choices which you are sure are wrong. Stay focused. Highlight words like ‘NEVER’, ‘ALWAYS’, ‘ONLY’ etc. in the Reading section and work accordingly. Where Math demands an attentive approach towards the problems, Writing and Language calls for thorough understanding and segregation of similar words.

  • ‌Do not Spare a Question!

Unlike the previous years, SAT 2018 has come with the benefit of ‘NO NEGATIVE MARKING’. Indeed a reason for celebration, isn’t it? The rule is to first complete the paper and mark the questions in doubt. The marked questions should henceforth be answered (even if with guesswork) after thorough elimination of the supposedly wrong answers. This incredibly helps in excelling in the scoreboard.

  • ‌Use The Booklet

The question booklet provided is not a subject of submission. Hence, make use of even the whitest border. Solve the questions once and if needed, twice, underline the keywords, scratch out the wrong ones and rule out the best in need.

  • ‌Manage Time

Finishing the first yet getting the maximum wrong is never the way to success. The provided time should be managed efficiently and divided between the questions wisely. Questions with a scope of scoring the best should be attempted first leaving the minimum number of questions and a spare time of 10-15 minutes for marking the doubtful answers.

  • ‌Attempt The Questions You Are Sure To Win

Always attempt the questions that are easier to score. Skipping a few difficult questions in every section and moving onto the easier ones will only lead to attempting more and a better score. However, the left out questions should always be encircled and tried within the spare time.

  • ‌Avoid Second-Guessing A Question

Success is always directly proportional to confidence. Hence, always believe in the answers that have been marked in the first instinct, which usually happens to be the correct one. Crosschecking is advisable only in if the first attempt is ‘confirmed’ to be wrong.