Auto Alliance on Alternative Fuel Autos

Member companies from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) began the celebration from the nationwide National Alternative Fuel Autos Week by announcing towards the public there are presently about 10.5 million vehicles with alternative fuel drivetrain driving the countless roads over the US. Auto Alliance acquired the data based in the 2006 sales results supplied by R. L. Polk & Co., the premier provider of automotive information and marketing methods to the automotive world.

Dave McCurdy, president from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

“You will find 10.5 million Alternative Fuel Autos on the highway and highways of each and every condition across the nation. We’re pleased to observe that individuals are, actually, finding your options that are offered for them on dealership lots nationwide.”

“We feel the figures of other Fuel Autos on the highway still rise because consumers can decide on a number of autos that reduce fuel use while still supplying the utility, safety, performance and luxury they seek.” he added.

McCurdy ongoing and stated: “Getting exceeded our sales expectations in the year 2006, hopefully that 2007 is going to be another banner year for sales of other Fuel Autos. This season marks the very first-ever National Alternative Fuel Autos Week and automakers aspire to draw more focus on the supply of those autos presently for purchase.”

Up to now, you will find 60 vehicle models from domestic and worldwide vehicle manufacturers with alternative fuel capacity are presently offered in america market. Included in this are hybrid electric, E85 ethanol capable, and vehicles with clean diesel engines. These alternative fuel drivetrain can be found in different vehicle classes like sedans, SUVs, get trucks, and vans. Furthermore, automakers are expanding the plethora of alternative fuel vehicles, and can include new powertrain technologies for various segments. Most likely, at some point people can easily see an E85 ethanol capable convertible coupe model with VW cabrio parts from Volkswagen, that is an energetic person in Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

Combined with the growing growth and development of alternative fuel vehicles, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers can also be working with the alternative fuel industry and the federal government to grow the introduction of energy infrastructures in the united states. Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers as well as their partners will conduct development and research projects for other powers like ethanol, biomass and hydrogen fuel.